The Importance Of Social Media In Tourism Sector

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The Importance Of Social Media In Tourism Sector

Some 1.5 billion people have traveled around the world in 2019, with an increase of 4 percent expected in 2020. The contribution of online channels to this increase in the number of travelers is increasing every day. While the Online travel market has reached 590 billion dollars worldwide, the market is projected to exceed 800 billion dollars in 2020.

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In Turkey, with a population of 82 million, 59 million people are using the internet actively. In 2019, only 34 percent of people buy products or services online, while in EU countries this rate stands at over 70 percent.

A significant portion of tourism companies ‘ revenue comes from online sales. According to statistics, 30-35% of the e-commerce market in Turkey consists of travel expenses.

At this point, the use of social media in the tourism sector becomes very important. Unfortunately, according to my impressions, most of the companies in the tourism sector in Turkey still do not like the use of social media.


Some Problems In The Industry

  1. Potential customers book with online agents and agents (OTAs). Booking rates on hotels ‘ websites are very low. It’s necessary to attract guests to the website. Online platforms attract people because they advertise too often.
  2. Commissions given to online platforms. Which brings us to the website.
  3. Because each portal has different commission fees, each portal also has different prices.
  4. The difficulty of getting a reservation directly from the hotel or company’s website
  5. Changing political, economic values, and geopolitical risks. Unfortunately, these issues affect the tourism sector the most.
  6. High competition rate



  1. The friendly staff and quality of service ensure that guests come again.
  2. Hotel activities attract guests.
  3. Guests should be encouraged to come again. After their visit, their e-mail may be given a discount code that they can use for their next booking.
  4. Travel spending accounts for 30-35% of the e-commerce market. This shows the importance of being on social media.
  5. Early booking is used quite often. 31% book between 1 and 3 months before their trip. Early booking discounts show pretty good results here.


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