What’s Sales Funnel?

30/07/2019 digivertex

What’s Sales Funnel?

Funnel Marketing is a system designed to attract customers to your business and convert them into sales.

Passion leads to success!

The first stage of Funnel is awareness. This is where people with a particular problem have information about your product, company, or brand. You must have a landing page in the Funnel system. You will attract the first audience to your landing page through organic methods or with ads that you appear on social media platforms. The first step is to get traffic to your site. The logic of your Landing page allows your leads to focus on a single point. When there are a lot of distractions on a regular website, the landing page allows you to focus on a single point. Assuming a person’s average attention span is 8 seconds, the landing page is quite effective at this point.

The funnel system should have a product on your landing page that people can’t say no to. It could be a free e-book, it could be a short educational video; it should be undervalued, it should be a remarkable product. This way you can redirect to your next page and upsell it.

Why Is Funnel Necessary?

If you want to sell a product or service in a digital environment, you should definitely use the funnel system.

Your potential customer enters your site and comes across a lot of information. With the Funnel system, you focus your potential customers on a single product and service.

In addition, visitors who enter your site, add to the basket, fill out a form, fill out a form, visit a specific page, look at the Contact page and buy products or services, etc. you can make categories in the form.

You create a page in various stages, you make people focus on a single product and service, so you can do detailed analysis for each page in the form of how many people are left at each stage, how many people have switched to the other page, how many people have bought your product, how many people have watched your video, etc. But in order to get people into this system, you have to give them something that will interest them in the first place.


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