How Does The Facebook Algorithm Work? What Should Be Done For Ad Account Security?

10/08/2019 digivertex

How Does The Facebook Algorithm Work? What Should Be Done For Ad Account Security?

Facebook has more than 2 billion active users. That is, it contains the behavior and information of more than 2 billion users. There is no other platform that can gather and analyze this much information. Therefore, it is a very powerful platform and can provide an impact until the election is won.


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Thanks to the Facebook algorithm, Messenger can analyze your words and interpret your feelings.

The algorithm wants your message to reach your target audience at the right time so that the Facebook user can enjoy it. Therefore, you should attract the attention of your target audience with your ad post or share.  Facebook will show it to more people and will make your share go viral, but if your interactions are low, Facebook will show it to very few people who think they don’t like it.

Therefore, it is necessary to act in accordance with the algorithm and create quality content. Your ad post will also be an important step in getting the visual or video you use with your ad text to the right audience.

It is very important to analyze your target audience correctly, to research their problems, requests, and needs well, and to prepare your ad post accordingly. This will increase your interaction rates and make your Facebook post go viral.

For example, suppose you have an ad budget of $ 200. If you are selling $ 300 with an advertising budget of $ 200, there is no rule that you will sell $ 400 with an advertising budget of $ 300. Because there are so many parameters in the background, there is a system. This assumption may not hold continuously, so I think we need to understand the algorithm well.

What Should Be Done For Ad Account Security?

The following are a few items that need to be done to close your advertising accounts. These items should be considered for the security of your advertising account. You will have ads that are definitely not approved. But this rate should be 10%. You should also take care that your disapproved ads do not exceed 10%.

  1. Facebook advertising policies should not be violated. Attention should be paid to the Facebook terms of Service.
  2. Advertising should not be done with false advertising images.
  3. Your credit card information must be entered correctly.
  4. Negative and negative comments should not be answered, Because; facebook pays attention
  5. If you travel frequently, Your Business Manager Account should not be accessed via Facebook but should be accessed directly from the business manager.
  6. With the right domain, the ad should be.


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