9 Etsy Alternatives To Sell Your Crafts On (2024)

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05/12/2023 digivertex

9 Etsy Alternatives To Sell Your Crafts On (2024)

9 Etsy Alternatives To Sell Your Crafts On (2024)

Craftsmanship, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit form the core of the artisan community. For those seeking to showcase their unique creations and connect with a broader audience, Etsy has long been a go-to platform. However, the world of online selling offers a plethora of alternatives, each with its distinct advantages and opportunities. In this guide, we unveil nine compelling Etsy alternatives that can amplify your craft sales and widen your market reach.

Exploring Beyond Etsy: Diversify Your Craft Selling Platforms

1. Amazon Handmade

Amazon’s venture into handmade goods provides a massive audience reach and seamless integration with the retail giant’s ecosystem. With robust seller tools and a vast customer base, Amazon Handmade offers visibility that can skyrocket your craft sales.

2. Shopify

A powerhouse in e-commerce, Shopify enables you to create your own branded online store. With customization options, intuitive tools, and marketing integrations, it empowers craft sellers to build a unique digital storefront tailored to their brand.

3. eBay

Renowned for its broad user base, eBay remains a strong contender for craft selling. Its auction-style format and fixed-price listings offer sellers versatility in showcasing and selling their crafts.

4. Big Cartel

Big Cartel caters specifically to artists and makers. It provides a user-friendly platform that enables sellers to set up a customized online store easily, showcasing their crafts to a niche audience.

5. ArtFire

ArtFire focuses on handmade, vintage, and craft supplies. Its supportive community and marketing tools offer sellers the opportunity to stand out in a marketplace dedicated to unique, artisanal creations.

6. Zibbet

Zibbet integrates multiple sales channels, allowing sellers to showcase their crafts across various platforms simultaneously. It offers seamless inventory management and promotes cross-platform visibility.

7. Bonanza

Bonanza provides a user-friendly interface and low selling fees. Its integration with Google Shopping and other advertising platforms enhances exposure for craft sellers.

8. Handmade at Amazon

This platform within Amazon offers a specialized handmade marketplace, enabling crafters to leverage Amazon’s extensive customer base while focusing on artisanal goods.

9. Folksy

Folksy caters to UK-based makers, offering a platform dedicated to handmade crafts. Its community-driven approach fosters connections between sellers and buyers passionate about unique creations.

Diversify Your Selling Strategy: Embrace New Opportunities

Expanding beyond Etsy allows you to diversify your selling channels, reach new audiences, and reduce dependency on a single platform. Each alternative brings its own set of benefits, and a multi-platform approach can amplify your craft sales in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Take Your Craft Sales to New Heights

Now is the time to explore these Etsy alternatives and diversify your craft selling strategy. Expand your reach, find new customers, and elevate your craft business by leveraging multiple platforms. Partner with us at DigiVertex, and let’s craft a tailored digital strategy to maximize your sales across these diverse platforms. Reach out today and embrace new opportunities for your artisanal creations!


Diversify your craft selling avenues today and witness your creations reach new heights!

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