What We Do.

We are an eCommerce agency aiming to bring solution partners to the top.

What We Do Best.

Take a look at the various services we offer to learn how Digivertex’s approach to digital marketing can help your company. If you would like to chat with us directly, get in touch with us.

Web Development

Professionally designed websites are the fastest way to reach your target audience. Your website tells the vision of your brand. Your website, prepared by our professional team, has a positive impact on your potential customers by reinforcing the image of your brand.

Planning & Strategy

We are conducting sector and competitor analysis. We are strengthening your social media communication with creative solutions by identifying strategies that are appropriate for your brand.

Social Media Marketing

As DigiVertex, we manage your social media ad accounts with our expert team. We create your campaigns and ads by reaching the right target audience.

İnfluencer Marketing

Recently, one of the most preferred marketing methods. We deliver your brand or product to your potential customers through the right influencers.

SEO Service

SEO(search engine optimization) is an of studies to make your website rank higher in Google search results. We are working to make your website meet the criteria in the search engine.

Content Marketing Strategy

Social media success comes to brands that have something to say, and know how to say it best. Written content created on your website or social media accounts should attract attention and accurately reflect you.

Digital Audio Ad. Replacement

Thanks to our technology, we can reach the targeted digital online music audience through digital online music platforms and podcast platforms, as well as mobilizing the targeted audiences through our call to action services.

Voice Recognition Ads Placement

With voice recognition technology, you can show your ad according to the interests of the audience. By creating a personalized keyword list with targeting and targeting the video content directly, it allows you to reach the right target market with your keywords.

eCommerce Strategy

We develop e-commerce stores powered by the most proven e-commerce technology including BigCommerce, Shopify and WooCommerce. And we develop strategies specific to your brand for your e-commerce store.

Google ADS

If you want better visibility on search engine results pages and to maximize your reach trough relevant traffic, we are here to offer you Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising.

Mobile App Development

We provide frontend and backend development services on the app. Working closely with our designers to strategically blend user experience.

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